Band Biographies

Julian Maddock - Guitar and Vocals

Julian started out in music playing the piano and playing percussion in the school orchestra, yet it is was not until he picked up a guitar at about 10 years of age that he felt he had found the right thing for himself. He can remember his parents looking on in dismay at 10 years attempting to sing and play 'Blueberry Hill'. Little did he know then that blues music would stay with him. For many years Julian played a Spanish acoustic guitar before moving to electric guitars and steel string acoustics. He played a Les Paul Custom for almost 20 years before trying Fender guitars and have been pretty much converted ever since.

In Manchester in the 80s Julian played in Centre Line and in about 2003 with Riverside Blues Band. He then branched off and co-formed Prior Engagement (PE) which centred on the music of Rory Gallagher, say no more! He has kept PE going for a few years now but in 2014 decided to join The Touch which has lots of great musicians bubbling with enthusiasm and thankfully like to play some of the Rory stuff amongst a wide range of music styles.

Aside from the blues/rock band Julian has played in a couple of rock operas and took classical voice coaching. He'll see you at a gig!

Julia Linclau - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Julia trained as a classical double bass player, playing orchestral and jazz for many years. She finally found her true rock chick persona when mid-life crisis hit and she picked up a Fender jazz bass. She started singing in 2012 and receives coaching from an opera singer to hit those high harmonies without shattering too many beer glasses. She loves the camaraderie, wide variety of musical genres, energy and professionalism of The Touch. Her classical training keeps the band on the straight and narrow with crescendos, diminuendos and generally 'rockin' out'.

As a complete contrast to The Touch, Julia also plays and sings with the Cinnamon Jazz trio for a mellow vibe at smaller, quieter venues and occasions.

Paul Perryman - Keyboards

Despite being the strong, quiet, studious figure of the band, Paul is occasionally allowed to let rip on his keyboard where his fingers will move like lightning - when they will play all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order. When asked why he closes his eyes while playing he said “it’s so I can’t see the anguish of the rest of the band”.

Paul started playing piano in the nineteen-sixties - so he must be nearly finished by now. His experience in a wide range of musical styles has secured his place in the band, either that or the band need his keyboard to rest their beers upon. He is living proof in the medicinal power of Badgers Best Bitter and is looking forward to you buying the next round. Cheers!

Paul can also be found tinkling his ivories in the Rhythm & Blues Band - Retread. Check them out !

Tom Cherrett - Drums

Tom is very kindly depping for us while we find a new replacement drummer

If you're interested in filling the seat .... please contact the band